Which name should I use for my story? (SOLVED)

  • Angel Eyes
  • Angel of Destruction
  • Orocia’s Hybrid
  • Forbidden Child
  • Splintered Universe
  • Split Soul

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Putting info on story below!


Orocia’s Hybrid just speaks volumes. :heart_eyes: It’s awesome!

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It is about Lorelai (mc) who gets teleported to another universe where there are all different magical species. She has to find a way back home but meets some people along the way including the Prince of the place she is in (Orocia). She also finds out more about her family and who she really is but there is some trouble along the way
The Prince is a werewolf and he says that she will be living in the castle. His advisor is becoming more grumpy by the day and is not all he says he is. Evil lurks and problems are at every corner. What will happen between her and the Prince? Will she get back home or stay in the magical land?


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