Which new cartoon should I watch first?

I’ve been hearing a lot of chat about shows like She-ra, Dragon Prince, Voltron and things along that line, so if anyone watched them can you give me some to watch. In order please.


All of them,

She-ra is finished so you could start there

I love dragon prince it’s amazing,

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Thanks for that, low-key was scared to make this thread and be seen as immature or something :slight_smile:

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Your never to old to enjoy a good show, if people make fun of you for watching a “kid” show, then they just show they aren’t people there are worth been around.

Many amazing movies and showed are cartoons, and think for a moment would they still be called kids show if they where made with real people, they wouldn’t because many include stuff like war and death.

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She-Ra is awesome! Best new show in a long time. I watched the whole thing through 3 times.

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I’m a Dragon Prince fan! It’s a cute story :blob_hearts: