Which nose is the best nose?


it could be from any style!
for limelight, its definitely grecian soft or defined natural. i cant touch anything else but those two.
ink is elven, everything else there is just… ugly

and the last one is classic, oh boy. the faces are cute but just ew. i dont think classic even has noses, but the face freckled is my absolute favorite!
anyway, thats just my opinion.


I think Upturned from INK is my personal favorite.
It’s so petite and pointy, I find it adorable.


I like so many Noses in INK lol…
My favourite is Soft Natural
But I also like Elven, Upturned, refined and snear (lmao Idk it’s just… Idk I like it)


Soft Natural, Eleven, and Upturned are the best in ink!! (In order from fav)


I also like soft natural the most


Oh yay :partying_face: lmao


Every nose is beautiful ; )
There’s no such thing as the “best nose”


Upturned and Soft Natural but like what Jem said


I really like the Upturned nose for INK females :))
Personally, I can’t stand the Elven nose :joy:


LL Male: Hooked Grecian or Button Round
LL Female: Defined Natural or Grecian Soft
Ink Male: Button or Roman
Ink Female: Soft Natural, Elven, Upturned or Refined


limelight - round button upturned
ink - elven/upturned
classic - button/long


I hate seeing Upturned Noses, they’re so overused imo.

I like Roman the best, followed by Grecian, and lately Refined for Ink.

As for LL…I can’t really pick because they all look the same lol. I always use Defined Natural. For my avatar, it’s the closest to my physical traits irl.

For guys, I like Roman best as well. I use that like for every CC guy character I make tbh. The noses for males are kind of strange looking in INK, as well as LL.


Round button on limelight :blush:


Definitely Upturned for INK, but I also like Soft Natural, Roman and Elven so :thinking:


Classic: Button (skin2) :heart:

Ink: Upturned

Limelight: Defined Natural