Which one is better? Ink or Limelight?

Hey everyone! So, currently I’m in a confusing and difficult state right now. I’m not sure if I should write my next story as “Ink” or “Limelight”.
So I was wondering, if you could read my story, would you like to read it as ink or limelight?

(By the way, it’s about this girl whose father was accused of killing a detective in which the mc has to prove that he’s innocent before times runs out.)

  • Ink
  • Limelight

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  • More hairstyles and features available
    -Abs on the guys
    _ Limelight is more suitable for Poc as it is possible to create attractive poc characters and having them look authentic because of more features
    -Multiple features for guys so not every character looks like landon wilder/Christopher shaw
  • No thick black outlines in the characters
    -more animations
    Yeah so this is why limelight is superior

thats your opinion, i personally like both though. what is the point of this thread?


This may be for you, however some creators still prefer ink. When they see this, it may end in an argument, so I suggest stopping this thread. This is your opinion, and some other creators think that you should keep that to yourself, so no drama starts. Ink and limelight are very different and people will have preferences, and we already know good features about limelight and ink.
Thank you.


it’s a bit unfair compare both styles, they are different styles, like, 3d animations and cartoons animations.

INK it’s like a cartoon, and LL it’s like 3d.

I do like LL, but i don’t think INK it’s bad.


I agree I like both but I just wanted to point out the differences

i see.

For the animations, i think, now, they have equally animations, LL has less before. Episode are updating more things for LL, so it’s inevitable that LL has more features. :blush:



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hm… well, i didn’t mean LL it’s a 3D style, what a mean is a example, when people compare 3d animations and cartoon. sorry for the misunderstood :frowning_face:

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Lol, what the heck. I didn’t create this thread :joy::joy: all I asked for was votes

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I love ink but I really like LL animation looks more