Which one is better? YOU pick!

I have a debatable topic.
Which one is better to write on??
Episode Mobile or Episode Writer Portal??
And why??
Post your opinions DOWN BELOW!!

Now… I used to LOVE Episode mobile creator because I didn’t understand or know how to use spot placement so I found it easier. But now I prefer the Episode Writers Portal because I find the directing mostly easy (sometimes) now and there is a bigger range of animations, as well as uploading my own backgrounds and creating my outfits - which you can’t do on mobile creation.

In conclusion, I think the Episode Writers Portal is better, for readers and writers. As a reader, I tend to avoid mobile creation stories because usually, they don’t look as good as ones created online.

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I think the writer portal is better because there are more backgrounds and behaviors but if Its too hard you can start on your phone and then make changes on the writer portal…

Hope I helped! :grin:

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Now you can do stories in Mobile creator :thinking:?

Yes, for a long time. :slight_smile:

I mean publish😅

Yeah, you just go onto the Writer’s portal and press publish. :woman_shrugging:t3:

@Jeremy Oh, I mean’t to click that, I don’t really check if I do the topic right lol

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The writer’s portal. There are too many limitations with mobile. I don’t believe you can add your own backgrounds and overlays? And you can’t really use a lot of directing commands, right? I believe you can include choices now? I gave mobile a go once because I was bored and found it so fiddly that I gave up haha. The writer’s portal all the way for me!


Writers portal all the way! :heart_eyes: I like directing and I can make all my ideas live there. I do use mobile creation sometimes for spot directing if the background I want is available so I can make scene even more quicker, then only make small edits on portal.

Writer Portal
I tried Mobile once and never looked back :zipper_mouth_face:

so limited, and obviously a computer can handle more than a phone can

Mobile is so much easier, and I honestly prefer to use mobile.

But Mobile doesn’t have Limelight. I dislike INK(not much but when compared to limelight I hate it)

Writer portal PC

Portal more clothes and better background options

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Writer Portal definitely! I used to use mobile creator, bcuz it was very easy. But then I realized mobile creator was very limited, from actions, emotions to clothes. Also, you cannot make love interest choices or dress up games on mobile creator. That was why I joined this forum and started creating on my laptop. I want my works to be more interesting and the mobile creator can’t do that.

For writing?
Online because on mobile, you are limited to what you can do wear or where you are.

Writer’s Portal x1000
I’ve tried creating a story on the Mobile Creator, but it’s extremely limited. The outfits are premade, you can’t code, you can’t upload backgrounds or do any special directing… so, I stopped using it.


Writer portal!!! its so much more fun, and you have so many more options

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