Which one should i buy?

hi guys , so i been trying to choose gift i would love to have on my birthday (even tho my birthdat isn’t here yet) , i been pretty bored with the sims 4 so i was thinking about buying the sims 3 (since i had not the real sims 3 and i really love the sims 3 and i really wanted to get the pack with it) i been hesitating with the sims 4 discover university or the sims 3 and it hard to choose so im asking you guys which one should i buy

  • the sims 3
  • the sims 4 discover university

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as a sims player show has played since sims 1.

I dont think sims 3 is good. I know a lot people love it. and it has a lot of amazing stuff. buy its just build up very hard. also I hate I can only play with one family per city

also note you could buy your sims game on cdkeys.com they have great sales. or you can buy a bundle then you get 3 games with 30% off.



did you know there a feature that you can play multiple family on the same city ?

I’m a sucker for sims 3 I totally love it and would recommend it but if you have the opportunity to buy sims 4 I think on the long run it’s the best option :slight_smile:

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