Which one should I use for the start of my story

Hi hope I put this in the right section I’m writing my first story wrote most of it just seem to choose my opening scenes.
I like to know which one is the better these are the three options

  1. Is MC crying in her wedding dress yelling at someone off screen then goes to 2 years ago at MC school reunion.
  2. MC starts off at a psychiatrist office for court appointed therapy and starts talking about what lead her there.
  3. Starts off with clips from MC life her relationship ect and talking about what happens after your happily ever after
    The psychiatrist will be in the story no matter what as the MC explores her past to help her in the present.

I like the second idea :)))

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1 is good or 2 I don’t know about 3

I like 1.

I vote 1

Seems like it be 1 the MC having a meltdown at her wedding day lol brings back memories of my own thank you very much for your help. The 2nd option will be used in the story as well but I’ll make it for a later episode

I like 2.

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Now it’s equal lol I write both and see which one flows better with the story

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