Which one sounds better? (Clue Contest)

Hey everyone!

So, I really want to participate in the Clue contest, but I’m kinda not sure what story to write? I have a couple of ideas, but I don’t know… Which one would you guys be more likely to read and why?

ONE: The court’s most famous celebrity dies mysteriously, and his patron, a bored noble, decides to make a game out of his death, proclaiming she’ll give half of her fortune to whoever manages to discover his killer. Realizing this is more than a game, a celebrity and a commoner form an unlikely alliance to figure out the truth behind his death.
Two main characters, one male and one female.
Limited customization for both characters.
There is romantic tension between both characters, though both are pansexual and can have romantic scenes with different characters, both male and female.
Fantasy universe

TWO: A teenage girl dies in a car accident, though she belongs to the most popular group at school, that night everyone secretly thanks that it was her, the one no one would miss… Except for her friends and brother, who have come to find maybe her death wasn’t an accident at all.
Five main characters, three female and two male.
Limited customization for all five.
One of the male characters is a trans gay guy and one of the female characters is asexual.

FIVE: The eyes of the world (or the two people who know about it) have been on a certain country’s monarchy ever since its newly crowned king and queen perished in a fire, and the old king was forced to name a new heir in the son of an esteemed noble family. Now, the future king is looking for a queen, and so “respectable” ladies from all around the world are coming to meet him, including his secret ex, the bastard daughter of the king, whose only reason for being there is to find out exactly what happened all those years ago.
Female main character.
Two love interests.

SIX: When dead bodies start appearing in a nearby village, a teenager discovers fragments of an old prophecy that speak of a great evil… Only the names scribbled in the prophecy are those belonging to them, and the six other teenagers that are supposedly being trained as “Knights”. So now, their job is to find out which one of their friends is starting to rise as the “greatest evil the world has ever seen”, and to kill them before they can.
Choose the gender of the lead character, six other main characters.
Fantasy universe.

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Though I like the second one, I feel like it’s kinda typical? Like, though there’s a bit of a reversal from Pretty Little Liars, is the kinda thing a lot of people will be writing. The sixth one has potential, but with the whole “great evil” and “prophecy”, it sounds a bit like every other fantasy story… The first one, on the other hand, sounds really interesting. It’s kinda bizarre, and definitely different, and I love it. You should totally go with that one.

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Thanks so much for your input! :sweat_smile: I can definitely see what you mean. Though the cool thing about Number Six is that, even though it uses cliché elements, the story is not about a girl who finds out through a prophecy that she’s The One destined to kill the “greatest evil”, but rather of a teenager that finds out one of their best friends is, not only a killer, but will grow to become the most awful person to have existed, and how they deal with the fact that their only choice to prevent that is to kill them.

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Mm, I see your point. I still think that the first one is better, but even if you did the sixth one I would be eager to read your story :joy:

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