Which one would be more interesting

My current story (not yet released) I seem to be a lot of the story as flashbacks to high school so just wondering should I just start the story as high school showing them growing up get to know there wants and needs then the high school story run straight into my current one where there adults.

I think you should run it straight to adults because like that you can build it up but thats just my opinion do what you think will help the story

Thank you for that just confused as my story does have a lot of flashbacks as she opens up to her therapist.

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its ok I hope you story is successful in the future

I agree with _hxxd I think it would be better if they were adults and the flashbacks came in slowly as she was telling her therapist. This way it leaves more suspense for the readers especially if it has had a large impact on their adult life.

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Thank you i just keep writing what I have been writing as the flashback are all extremely important to the story as shows how certain events not only had a effect on MC life but also her friends lives as well.


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