Which one would be the best option? *POLL*

Which one would be the best option when writing a new story?

  • Complete the story, then publish the whole story
  • Complete the story, then publish chapters regularly
  • Publish as soon as you can and continue publishing irregularly

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i would say get the entire plot down. so that you know what will happen in evry chapter.

and then after that do animations and fix small mistakes . and published a chapter at a time.


I would do that aswell I notic that I rather read a story that updates one chapter at a time then a full complete story

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If you have the patience to complete the story then publish regularly, then that’s what I would suggest.
It would also take the pressure off having to complete future chapters as they’d already be ready to go :slight_smile:

If you publish the whole story at once, chances are that it will be lost and not get too many reads. You see, each time you update is a chance for new people to see your story :blush::blush:

The absolute best option is fully complete a story and then slowly release them but I don’t that is nessary. Instead create “buffer” chapters meaning you write ahead a few chapters. For example instead of writing only 3 chapters before you publish write 4 or 5 that way your always have at least 1 chapter that is ready to post and you won’t stress about not updating fast enough and your fans won’t annoy you as much.