Which one would you read first?

So I’ve currently got some stories planned but no written, I’m unsure on their descriptions so if you could suggest anything to add or take away that would be great.
But I wondered if these were out, which would you be more attracted to.

Finding Emily

After the death of your parents you made a promise to your sister to be there for her no matter what and that you’d alway protect her, but the first night she walks home alone is the night she goes missing, wrapped with guilt you’ll stop at nothing until you find her but this puts your family and job on the line. Will you find her? Or will your obsession cost you everything you have.

Unfolded With A Scar

When a famous fashion designer goes missing it’s up to you and your partner to find the person responsible. What seems to be an ordinary case becomes more complicated when a single scar reveals that she isn’t who she claims to be.

Help my dogs a human
(title may need to be changed?)

I don’t currently have a description for this…

The MC is doing a science experiment but accidentally spills it on her dog after he knocked the table, the mixture turns the MCs dog into a human and she has to try and hide him from her mum while trying to figure out what to do. But he makes it harder because although he looks and talks like a human he still acts like a dog.

Which ones would you be more interested in

  • Unfolded with a scar
  • Finding Emily
  • Help my dogs a human
  • None
  • All

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