Which Option Would You Like In My Story

Hi there!

So I’ve been thinking lately about how to make my story different. I’ve come up with two conclusions. Please vote.

  • Choose if you want to be a boy or girl in the story
  • Choose your sexuality

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I say both.


@WritingAndRoses @Danielle318 I just don’t know if that will be too difficult! I’m still deciding if I actually should let the reader choose the gender of the MC because I don’t know how boys think and react to certain things lmao. I just want things to be realistic and not cringey

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would the default sexuality be straight? and if we did get to choose our sexuality, would you give only heterosexual and homosexual options, or also bisexual? i appreciate how you asking though <3

Do what makes you comfortable! And what makes you want to write. That’s why I write my book. I feel comfortable and because it makes me want to write it. It’s my passion. Do whats yours!

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I do boys and girls because if I’m being honest, it’s very difficult to have a bisexual option. I’m deeply sorry if that offends some people in some way, but it’s true. I’d have to write practically three different storylines if you understand what I’m saying.

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no, that makes sense.

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