Which paranormal story of these would you read?

So I decided that I’m more experienced and know more in the paranormal and supernatural era, so I thought I’d write a story with it! lemme know which one you like more!

  1. After getting rescued by a group of masked strangers from an assassination on her family, college teacher, Zara Darrenblade, decides to investigate her masked heroes.

  2. When (NAME) begins seeing the ghost of her dead grandmother. The truth of what lies beneath Grindervale sends (NAME) and three other teens on a chase to save their town and everyone in it.

  3. A case of mistaken identity sends you and your friends to be abducted by aliens! But as you escape from their spaceship, you are sent on a hunt throughout space in order to save the world, and yourselves.

  4. (NAME) begins having visuons of the future after a serious drunk, black out. But when the things (NAME) sees, happens the very next day, (NAME) journeys on a quest to the truth about her visions

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • none lmao

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