Which plot sounds most interesting to you?

I am working on an anthology series of horror/thriller stories.
There are three of a total four planned stories I have in the works. Though, I am wondering which sounds most interesting to you!

You’ve been assigned to a case in which a series of bodies are washing up along the coast of a conservative town. Solve the mystery…
Or die trying.
Choices Matter | Choose Gender

Trapped in Dr. Van Heilen’s gloriously twisted prison, you and your new companions are forced to ask yourselves… What is the price of eternity?
Choices Matter | LGBT | Limited CC

A group of unlikely strangers find themselves surrounded by hoards of the walking dead after a large explosion leaves the sky clouded in violet ash.
Choices Matter | LGBT | CC

  • Tainted
  • Everlasting
  • Insatiable

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The first one seems the most intriguing to me but all of them Are interesting! :cat_shocked: :+1:

Thank you for your response!

All of them are very, very interesting! That’s a pity you cannot vote for two times!

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