Which Script Templates would you like to have?

Hey guys, I need your help.
It’s very important because I decided to start making script templates. I started using them a lot and I have to say that it all makes my life easier. So I think you would appreciate them too.
(I already have some in my drive so you can check them out.)


Google Drive: Sign-in

I need to know which templates you would like so I can make a list and then try to make them for mine and your use. So if you have any idea please tell me because it will help me a lot. And also try to write some templates that no one has done yet but it’s okay if someone did.

My list with some I plan to make:

  • Campus Entrance
  • Ice rink
  • Beach Volleyball
  • More Dressing Templates
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Club Bar
  • Karaoke Rooftop
  • MG Diner
  • Dark Angel Club
  • Ballroom
  • And many more…

Much love
L :hibiscus:


Medium sized characters
As well as male plus characters


It asks me for access 🥲

I have it there to know who has access to my drive, so just ask for it and I will give it to you. :blush:

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Hey it is saying that unable to access in document

Did you ask for access? I need a request from you so I can share it with you. When I will accept it and you will have the access to it.

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Yup I did that and u accepted that too

And thanks for all templates :hugs:

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You are welcome and if you have any suggestions for some templates I will welcome them :relaxed:

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Um, you mean like a male plus-size character?

Thank you so much for the templates! It’s really great! How would you like to be credited? :sparkling_heart:

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Credit is already in the script ( through readerMessage) but if you want, you can also mention it in the beginning or at the end of your story, it’s up to you :relaxed:

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Hey, girl! Yeah I just saw it :woman_facepalming:t5: :joy: Thank you so much! Your coding is amazing and I’ll be sure to credit you! :sparkling_heart:

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You are welcome :kissing_heart:

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Yes I do mean male plus sized characters. But I was thinking also something in between too for both sexes, I think it would be great to have all kinds of body types for both sexes. I guess what I’m saying is chubby characters that would be awesome!

I can’t do that. Only episode can make them, I only do script templates with backgrounds and overlays from episode. Only they can change the appearance of the characters.

Okay I just thought maybe you were part of the episode team

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