Which should I go for

I keep trying to start my story for like the 500th time ha ha ha which one should I use?

So just after the beginning scene it cuts to a police office scene where 1of the following will happen

  1. The MC is on the phone talking the their Boyfriend who is angry with her because she has to cancel their date as she is behind on paperwork. Her work partner/friend over hears the convocation and comes over. He offers to cover for her and then the reader have the option to le him cover for her or not. this leads to two different scenarios depending on their choice.

  2. The MC and her partner/friend and talking in the break room when her partner reminds her it is the sergeants birthday and they are all supposed to be going out to a restaurant to celebrate. The MC has completely forgotten about the party and realises she hasn’t got a gift or anything to wear. She can’t really leave as she has some paperwork to catch up on. Her partner is just about to finish his shift but offers to stay behind and cover for her so she can go and buy something to wear and a gift.
    The reader has the choice to go shopping or wear something from home and get some flowers on the way.

both scenarios lead to everyone being called back to the station as an emergency

  • First
  • Second

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the second!

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2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I prefer the second one more! :grin:

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