Which social media do you use?


I’m currently using Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit.


I only use ig I have Snapchat but don’t use it and irk if Pinterest and youtube count :woman_shrugging:


I use instagram, twitter , snapchat


Only Facebook. :slight_smile:


I’m mostly on Tumblr but use Snapchat and Instagram to talk with friends


Facebook?:thinking: But I just scroll it from top to bottom and
WhatsApp :sunglasses:it’s a coolioo app


Well I always use Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and WhatsApp but sometimes I use Snapchat


Tumblr (I have insta but I rarely go on)


I use Instagram a lot and snapchat sometimes


Weheartit, Instagram, Forums, Pinterest and das it :blush:


Lool Whatsapp yess :sunglasses:


For Episode? Only IG.
For personal? IG, Twitter, and sometimes I use Facebook (not that active on this).

Thoughts on Pinterest

I also checked out Pinterest and noticed that some images on there are posted without credit (they don’t give a proper source of who made this photo or where it came from), which sucks : (
Again, this is what I noticed from the few photos I looked through.
Pinterest is not a good source to use if you’re looking for backgrounds for your story.
People, be fair please respect the artist/person behind that work, they put a lot of effort into it!


I use Snapchat, Instagram, Whatssup, Viber.


And Pinterest


Pinterest can’t have Insta because I was too addicted to it


I can’t have any social media because my school prohibited its students from engaging in social media until he/she reaches grade 11 :disappointed:


instagram youtube and whatsapp


That’s ok I never had any social media until recently and I want to say that you don’t need it at a young age - this is your time to enjoy life without worrying too much about it : )

In that grade, social media wasn’t even on my mind lol - there were my classmates all talking about Facebook, online stuff, and then there was lonely me, without internet & facebook :joy:


Thank you for showing the support! I am glad that I am not the only one who’s without social media on the forums in this age :smile_cat:
Most of the people here are on social media…and I tend to get peer-pressured by them into joining one. But there is this blare-horn in my mind that immediately says what my school says. So I stop myself.

I have never agreed with this statement until this moment. I really do believe that social media tends to distract students from academics and their priorities (I am already way too distracted with Forums :joy:) Thank you! :+1:


You should NEVER ever feel peer pressured into doing something ever. That’s awful you feel like that : (
You should talk to someone, peer pressure isn’t something you should be going through and it seriously sucks when you come face to face with it!
Also, remember, just because many have it, doesn’t mean we need to copy. We do our own thing and make decisions for ourselves-so long as these decisions are not harmful to us & others.

P.S You don’t need to agree with a statement just because someone stated it- you can disagree, too : )

And now I’ll end off here as I really don’t want to go off topic!
Good day ; )