Which speech bubble style do you prefer?

I’m sure many of us are aware that you can make the speech bubbles in your story appear purple, pink, or blue, depending on what you originally title it. So, I was wondering what the preferred style of the Episode community is!

  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue

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I like purple the most, but I think it depends on the content of the story

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I’m a beginner… How do you change speech bubbles? Help appreciated!

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You have to create a new story and name it either “Mean Girls” to make them pink, or name it “Demi Lovato” to make them purple. You can change the title of your story to what you want it to be called after you’ve created it (the speech bubbles won’t change).


Thanks babe x

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Can’t believe I’ve been on Episode all this time and never knew that’s how people change it. I’m shook :joy:


I guess I’m just use to blue. I feel like it’s a bit more neutral.


Demi Lovato (purple) is my favorite.
The simple blue is kinda boring and the pink is good too but purple is my favorite (to write and read but if I read it doesn’t really matter if it’s blue or mean girls(pink))

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The best is Purple then Blue then Pink…in my opinion

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: