Which stories are you currently reading

So here are the list of stories that I am currently reading. Let me know what you guys are currently reading or just finished.

Currently reading:

Confessions Of Ms. Popularity by Lina Hills
The Dark Prince by Nis

Just finished stories:

The Imitation Teacher by Mushface
Slumber Party by Lucky
College Days: I Am You by Chida


I just started back reading stories on Episode because I’ve taken a break from it. But, I started reading The Boiling Point by Kat Valentine (I hope I speller her name right).

you read the title now answerrr

My favorite and current story i’m reading right now is Rockstar Next Door like I love it! The directing is really good. It’s also sort of like a comedy romance. So yeahh

Your turn


I cannot find a good story at the moment so I can’t give my favourite but I’ll definitely check out yours!


Currently I’m reading “See the real me” and I really like it.


I’m reading a lot of stuff!! I’m kinda reading Envy, A Little More Me, and My First Everything from Episode.

I am currently reading:

Forbidden Fruit by @perksofbeinghasna

To The Night by @megCMU2018

One of the Girls by @amberose

Do I Belong to Him by @Pearl19

and The Ice Skating Dream by @JemU776

Then there are stories I am reading but am waiting for updates!!

Cyber by @viviwrites

Solis: Regnum Fortes by @TheBigMystery

Pine Hollow: Hex Of The Three by @fcukforcookies

Too Much Baby Mama Drama by @Lex2

and The New Age by @xXMagicalUnicornXx

I am a slow reader, though >.> So…>.> Yeah


I have 4th episode out :smiley: just saying :smiley:
Btw, how is the “My First Everything”? I tried reading it, but wasn’t impressed, so didn’t finish 1st episode. Does it gets better?


I’m reading this story too! I find it very interesting!


I hate reading an amazing story just to find out it’s discontinuedd


I don’t remember what story it was but my sister was reading and the author said something like “I will only continue this if it gets insert number of reads reads” and my sisss was soooo mad


I recommend to read Hope Moon stories. They are really good.

Ikrr like wtf

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oooof, siss is heated

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I have to admit… Clothes Off by Sai Keyhart was good…


Im deadddddddd, I think you should be my new best friend :joy:

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Im dyingg, you are super relateable. :smirk:

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Not funny dude.

My friend died of ligma and I have it too. I only have 3 months to live and it’s not funny .

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Legends say you can only beat ligma if you do the default fortnite dance five times a day.

I don’t know about it…

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Waiting for update too! :sweat_smile: I love the story because it kinda reminds me of Ready Player One and I’m in love with that movie.

Another story I’m reading is called Burning Waves. The plot is really detailed and original.
Plus I can’t resist a good fantasy lol

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Thanks, love you lots :see_no_evil::nerd_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::sparkling_heart:

I’m currently reading It Takes Four by dqbsurf :sun_with_face: :revolving_hearts: