Which story idea and which style?

Hi, i’m really sorry if this is in the wrong category.
So i have a lot of story ideas but i want to really focus on one but i’m not sure which one.

Unknown dreams

Jaden has seen the same person in the exact same dream for years, but one night the dream seems different. They then show up at her school the next day.

genre- Romance/drama

I haven’t thought of a name for this one yet

You’ve seen ghosts your whole life but one day you see your own ghost. Try and prevent your death. (mini games//point system//choose gender of mc)

Genre- Horror/mystery

Ultimate cliche ;)

Basically a comedy laughing about the cliches on the app.

Genre- comedy

The heartless

There was a virus that destroyed the world and killed most of the population except you. You live in a town where everyone who have survived the sickness exist. But they aren’t the same. They are changed. Their minds are enhanced. Each are apart of a group with special powers. But you are apart of the rarest and the most dangerous. The reds.

genre- action/adventure/drama

Those are the ones i like the most.
Please answer these questions, it will help me a lot.

  • Which story should i write?

  • Would you read it?

  • Would others enjoy it?

  • Why that one compared to my other ideas?

  • Which style do you prefer? Ink or limelight?

Thanks in advance!

Stay safe yall


The ghost one sound honestly so interesting! I really would read it. This one interest me the most because it’s obviously very interesting, but because of the minigames it really is interactive! I like to actively read my stories.
I personally prefer limelight. :blush:


Thank you!

Thank you! it does help. My favourite plots are the 2nd and 4th one so i just need to decide which one.

The second one sounds pretty interesting. Maybe ‘Dead End’ or ‘Dead or Alive’ for the title(random suggestions).

Yes, I probably would

I have no idea what this community actually likes so idk

It’s new, haven’t heard anything like it before + we need more horror/thriller/mystery

I personally like Limelight

You’re welcome :upside_down_face:

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the second one sounds so good omg you’re creative !

yus i would x

can’t speak for everyone but i know some people will aka me

the mini-games, point system and plot just make it seem much more exciting and engaging than the others, but they’re good too !

i like limelight better, it’s just pretty ahaha

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Thank you i’ve actually just made the story as i really like that one better compared to the others and i’ve actually called it “dead or alive?” as well lol.

Thank you babe! I’ve decided to make it.

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you’re welcome :pleading_face: let me know when you publish it x

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Will do :heart:x

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What do u mean?

I LOVE this one. I would definitely read it


thank you i’ve decided to write it!

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  • Which story should i write?
    The ultimate cliche!
  • Would you read it?
    Because my guilty pleasure is reading people rant about how annoying and bad the cliches are on here!
  • Would others enjoy it?
    I think anyone in the forums most definitely would! Everyone constantly complains about them. I think the authors would enjoy it, considering the amount of tips & advice there are when writing a story to avoid cliches. Then the actual effort we put into avoiding them.
  • Why that one compared to my other ideas?
    I think it’s something a lot of people relate to. The first one Isn’t exciting to me. The second One I actually would also love to read, the 4th one just hits too close to what’s actually occurring in the world right now. To think about a virus killing everyone in the world is the last thing I want to think about.
  • Which style do you prefer? Ink or limelight?
    Limelight. I hate ink.
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Thank you for replying although i have decided to write the horror story but maybe in the future i may write a cliche comedy because that would be very fun to write :joy:

Oh yay! I love that one too! Do me a favor? Make sure to send me the link when you release it! I would love to read it!

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Will do girl! :heart:


The heartless


I’m not sure, but I think it’s a great idea. It depends on how you write it.

I like supernatural stories. I don’t really like the first one since I’m not into romance, the second one sounds cool though! And as for the third one, a lot of stories make fun of cliches already, but I’d read it if it’s original

Either, as long as the plot and directing is good. LL has more animations and options, though

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  • Which story should i write? THE HEARTLESS
  • Would you read it? MAYBE
  • Would others enjoy it? YES
  • Why that one compared to my other ideas? MORE INTERESTING AND MORE READERS WILL WANT TO READ
  • Which style do you prefer? Ink or limelight? LMAO CLASSIC BUT LIMELIGHT HERE CUZ I HATE INK OVER ALL
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