Which story idea do you like the most? - POLL

I have multiple thriller/horror story ideas, but I don’t know which one should I write. What do you think? (These aren’t final descriptions/titles)

1, Are you awake? MC wakes up from a too realistic nightmare, and slowly doesn’t recognize, what’s real and what is not…

2, Next Door Horrors MC has a beautiful family – a teenager daughter, a toddler son, and a loving artist husband/wife. She receives a new co-worker, but he is very strange. One night MC meets him in a hallway – he moved in next door.

3, Craving For You MC has never been in love. One day, she meets him/her, and slowly builds up an unhealthy obsession with him/her.

4, Death Sentence MC is a successful motivational speaker. She often travels with plane, when one day, she gets up. She is really upset – her husband/wife wants to divorce her. She wants to get back home to Ireland… but something is on the plane, that isn’t supposed to be there.

  • Are you awake?
  • Next Door Horrors
  • Craving For You
  • Death Sentence

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Just so you know… Craving For You is already a featured story if you choose to do that one, I recommend you change the name (;

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Thank you! I didn’t know that:'D

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