Which story should I begin writing?


I am planning on publishing my final story on the app and I will be putting a great deal of effort into it. I am torn between three story ideas and I want you guys to vote on which one I should create and publish.

Story One: Motor City

Description: A cop joins a squad of narcotic officers who work in Detroit’s inner-city. They’re tasked to take down a powerful drug kingpin and his empire by going undercover within the organization and destroying it from within.

Story Two: Voltaic Dreamwaves

Description: Set in a futuristic and crime-riddled city, an ambitious female gangster is looking to build a crime empire by catering to the city’s elite and controlling the city’s underground economy while being profiled by a detective who is tasked by his superiors to rid the city of its gangs and common criminals.

this story includes a “synthwave” aesthetic to it

Story Three: Aphididea 5051

Description: A teenage codebreaker receives a set of classified documents from an unknown individual that reveals a decade long conspiracy in a private company, forcing her to carry out unthinkable actions while being hunted by those who will do anything to prevent the documents from going public.

So those are my three story ideas. Please vote and comment. Thank you.

  • Motor City
  • Voltaic Dreamwaves
  • Aphididea 5051

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