Which story sounds best?

I’m currently working on two stories at the same time but I want to devote my time to only one of them to get the first three episode out before I continue work on the other. So I wanted to know which you think sounds more interesting, which one you’d read.

So the first is called Found

Taken at 9 years old & locked away in a shed for 7 years. What will happen when Dahlia Brown gets found again? Will it ever be the same? Or will Dahlia’s world be changed forever?

And the second is called Doomed

He’s a vampire hunter. She’s a vampire. What will happen when these worlds collide and a romance springs?

  • Found
  • Doomed

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A lot of people are sick of hearing vampire/werewolf stories. They’re becoming really cliche. However, some people still like it, but I think Found is more unique,


Not a big vampire/werewolf fan so I say Found!

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I say ‘Found’ because I don’t think I have read a story with the same concept yet! But I have seen some stories with simpler concepts to ‘Doomed’. Good luck with your writing! :grin:

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I would specifically prefer “Found” because to be honest I really like the overall plot and Doomed seems like cliche of some sort, there are many stories that can be found on the Episode App revolving around the plot of “Doomed” So I would much likely prefer Found

lmao im so late

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Thank you.

They both sound really good and very exciting to read.
good description as well
the vampire one sounds very good
however I like Found better
either I like these books :slight_smile:

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