Which story sounds best?


I’m currently working on two stories at the same time but I want to devote my time to only one of them to get the first three episode out before I continue work on the other. So I wanted to know which you think sounds more interesting, which one you’d read.

So the first is called Found

Taken at 9 years old & locked away in a shed for 7 years. What will happen when Dahlia Brown gets found again? Will it ever be the same? Or will Dahlia’s world be changed forever?

And the second is called Doomed

He’s a vampire hunter. She’s a vampire. What will happen when these worlds collide and a romance springs?

  • Found
  • Doomed

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A lot of people are sick of hearing vampire/werewolf stories. They’re becoming really cliche. However, some people still like it, but I think Found is more unique,


Not a big vampire/werewolf fan so I say Found!


I say ‘Found’ because I don’t think I have read a story with the same concept yet! But I have seen some stories with simpler concepts to ‘Doomed’. Good luck with your writing! :grin: