Which story title is better? *POLL*

Heya guys and gals! I’m in a bit of a pickle atm, have been for a while. My story’s original title is ‘Living Among The Dead’ but now I’ve thought of changing it to ‘Equilibrium’ (meaning balanced and equal) The new name I thought of fits my story well too. Living Among The Dead feels too long and kinda weird. If I had to change it it would cause a few complications within the story which I would need to go back and change, but I like the new title :expressionless: Thoughts?

Story description which might help:
A war between two corrupted cults, a man with a secret and you caught in the storm of love, survival and adventure.

  • Living Among The Dead
  • Equilibrium

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The cover

Made by @epy.alexia on instagram btw!


I love the cover :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and i think Equilibrium sounds interesting! when I read that title I’d deffinitly click the story to find out what it’s about :slight_smile:

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ikr its cool :smirk::heart: thanks! Just battling with myself if I should change it or not :tired_face: , then made this topic for other opinions x

Equilibrium sounds better in my opinion.
Also your story sounds good! Maybe the mc will upset the balance. I want to read this now lol



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One-word titles are much more powerful than long ones in my opinion! :heart_eyes:

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Exactly! :boom:

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