Which story would you like to read

I plan on writing both of these stories eventually but I want to hear your guy’s opinion on which story I should prioritize and publish first/ if they even sound good at all

Story #1
Title: I Am The Cute One

Genre: comedy/drama

Description: Jess has fallen second to her twin sister Amber for her entire life, but after Amber crosses a forbidden line Jess declares war. Will Jess ever forgive Amber or will their relationship forever be a game of cat and mouse?

Story #2
Title: The Ugly Mermaid (still in development)

Genre: Comedy/fantasy

Description: After Cato decides he’s had enough of the mermaid’s misogynistic ways he decides to give up his tail for feet only to be immediately adopted by a trio of mermaid enthusiasts who beg him to help them become mermaids despite his protests

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In my opinion, I would read story 1 over story 2. It sounds like a really interesting idea for a story

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The first one story sounds good :+1:t2:
I vote for first one
Otherwise second idea is cool :sunglasses: too…
But one more thing whichever story have your heart, you should write that first so that you might not regret in future. Because ideas may change sometimes.
If you write your story with your beautiful imaginative thoughts and feeling sit will turn out it be BEST!!
Just spend as much as time to make it perfect and it will be worth it… :wink:

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Hey what is your ig (Instagram id) which use as episode account


I like just created it but I plan on posting soon. It’s @Casuallylaughs.epi

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