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Hey everyone!

I’m about to reach the halfway point of my current story, and I’d like to start planning the next story I’d release to eliminate a “gap” between stories. I currently have two story ideas in mind… and they’re the polar opposites of each other LOL. So, I’d like some opinions from readers to decide my next move :grin:

Story 1

Genre: LGBTQ+

Title: Unapologetically Me

Description: With 2 men pining after her, Wafiya should be torn between them. They’re attractive, charming, and nothing less than perfect… so why doesn’t she want them?

Basic Plot: The main character (Wafiya), will be struggling to understand why she isn’t attracted to either of the men who have a crush on her (Kobe & Ren). Both Kobe and Ren are extremely well known and well sought after. Throughout the story, Wafiya will discover that she isn’t attracted to men, while Kobe and Ren end up discovering their sexualities as well (HINT HINT WINK WINK!!!). However, because customization is limited, this story will be extremely interactive to make up for that point… So, you’ll get to decide who ends up with who. It’s a college coming of age story with humor and a lot of self reflection from all three main characters.

My friend gave me this idea like 2 years ago and I think it’s the most dramatic story idea ever

Story 2

Genre: Horror

Title: The Awakening

Description: When unlikely suspects gain consciousness, extreme lengths must be taken to prevent their merciless reign… because even after their demise, those wretched souls will keep walking the Earth.

Basic Plot: You’re a chef and use ingredients only from your garden and farm. One morning before your first shift, you see that your mushroom patch has disappeared. Slightly concerned, you work the day and eventually head home. That night while sleeping, you face something rather… shocking. The mushrooms from your mushroom patched have taken the forms of humans (having only slits for eyes, a slit for a mouth and holes for ears) and become conscious. They’re now living in an alternate reality and will haunt and chase you as long as you stay in their reality. You destroy it, and years later they return for blood… except this time they’re in your reality. However, to top it all off, they’re after more than just you, they want everything you’ve ever loved. So, it’s basically up to you to destroy them once and for all and to save yourself and your loved ones… very choice heavy.

This was actually a fever dream of mine

Now time to vote for your favorite:

  • Story 1
  • Story 2

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Mind you, both of these will be published at some point, but I’d just like to know what everyone would like to see first. As always, feel free to leave feedback!

side note, i’ve made a drawing of the conscious humanoid mushrooms if anyone would like to see! just PM me ◡̈


The second story is literally like something that i would love to write and read, i love to write mystery and horror. So, i would love to see the second story first :kissing_heart:


okay cool!! yea that dream had me waking up sweaty with a dry mouth. it doesn’t sound too scary but when you’re faced with those creatures :skull::skull::skull: d*mmit you’re going to run


Oh god, recently i also started to have these kinda bad horror dreams :rofl: And when i wake up with a you know shake i just become numb i can’t even remember what the dream was lol :joy: :rofl: :joy:


brutally honest opinion:
cons: the first one, i would say is over-the-top. ik wafiya is there to create the unique part of your story, but it sounds way too much. And idk if you should use two boys liking her as the turning point for her discovering her sexuality. plus the fact you get to choose who ends up with who is kinda off-putting for me, it already sounds messy in my head, and Wafiya already decides she isn’t interested in the two so how could we choose between them, unless i’m missing smth? also the title doesn’t wrap up the story a lot and not very catchy.
second one, ok when i read the part of vengeful mushrooms i laughed, so sorry :llama: the backstory of these mushrooms hurt my head. also having the mc be a chef is a nice move, i see what u did there. not my cup of tea, but then again, with a hint of ironic comedy i think i’d read it.


hmm i must not have explained the first story well if you’re gathering that :woozy_face: it’s okay tho! thank you for the feedback :grin: maybe i should go with a different story completely at this point. but we’ll see! most of this is just 2am brain dump :skull:


The second one sounds very interesting! Have never seen something like that yet, so I would personally love to read it!


the 1st story isn’t bad but, i would be more inclined to read the 2nd one :green_heart:

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