Which story would you rather read? (A poll just for fun)

So I pretty much am already working on one of these stories, I just felt like making a poll cuz the results are always interesting. So which story would you rather read?

1. A very contagious virus from Malaysia that makes people go crazy enters the US. In a matter of minutes, you’re entire life is put on hold. Can you and 5 other teenagers survive the apocalypse, and get to a safe haven in one peace?

2. A steely and intimidating vampire visits a small, yet dysfunctional brood of vampires on unholy business terms. While he starts to see more of your world and the darkest side of this immortal curse, you begin to suspect old enemies are up to no good…

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the first one reminds me a lot of the story ‘infected’


I know it was my inspiration but it’s not the same I promise

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then it’s a good ideaa :stuck_out_tongue:

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it kind of sounds like the walking dead :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hehe only difference is it’s not zombies :joy:

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