Which style do you like better? INK or Limelight?



I personally like Limelight CC and INK no CC, but what do you guys think I should do for my story? I’m still stuck between CC or not, but I just want to know what people like more.

What's the big deal about LL?

Personally I like INK with cc and Limelight with no CC

  • INK
  • LimeLight

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  • CC
  • No CC

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this can help you keep track :grin:


I am going to be honest.
I didn’t like Limelight when it first came out.
After reading a few stories it grew on me.
Not my favorite still but I don’t mind it as much.


I like INK.
I dont have a problem with CC
For me if a story is LL i will never read it




Overall more people prefer ink to limelight, than prefer limelight to ink. But the average reader also likes CC more, so I’d personally go with limelight CC if you want to do what readers like. As an author, writing in limelight might be more exciting due to all the new features coming out as well


I don’t mind is there CC or not. But I like ink better. I don’t really like LL because there are too much features like hair colour and skin tone, I’m simply not bother to try them all when reading and writing. I’m lazy okay? :smirk:


I think INK looks MUCH better, but LL has more choice so I use that now. I use LL if I need my characters to be able to do more because it’s mroe versatile like that. Less need to do some crazy directing gymnastics to make it look like characters are doing things.


There is so much fuss over not liking LL! But why if the story is good?


I personally don’t have a big deal about it. I actually read a few and they’re really amazing stories. But I like INK more because it’s more simple. I think people are just making a big deal cauz INK isn’t going to update features anymore and they blame it on LL. INK lover please don’t kill me this is just what I thought of when LL just came out


I think that’s a good point. I’ve read both INK and LL stories and I’m really starting to like the LL style too. I’m thinking about making my next story in that style to try it out.

But I think there could be more to it than people just not liking it or that LL is taking the updates away from INK. See, people usually don’t like change or at least they have to have some time to get used to it. But some may not even want to give this new style a chance. They are not even trying to accept the change. I might be wrong, and this certanly doesn’t apply on everyone not liking the LL style, but this is the feeling I get.

Of course, some may be more passionate about writing in INK and reading in INK, so they really get this upset that INK isn’t getting updates anymore. Sure, episode could thow in a few pare of clothes for the INK style too, once in a while.

Didn’t this same thing happen when the INK style was relieased? And classic got left out?

But I think your making a good point. If the story is good, why does it matter so much in which style it is?

I had no idea I had this much to say on this topic.


I don’t know why people don’t like LL I love it but tbh I prefer ink. There are new people on there everyday and maybe read some of the episode chosen story’s which are set in LL. Or it might be because more and more story’s are using LL instead of ink. It might also be that the episode team aren’t really releasing any new content on it anymore and people what to use a style that is more updated. I don’t know why they might prefer one style to another and I kniw for sure that I am fussy when it comes to the style. I personally don’t like the classic style very much but I don’t mind the other two. This is just what I think so don’t judge me. :slight_smile: :heart:


I’m prefer INK to LL, LL is growing on me, seemed robotic and kinda awkward. Not everyone is going to like LL just like not everyone likes INK and Classics.


I like them both. But I do like INK more. At first, I did not like LL because it was different. It looked different and I was so used to INK that I just was not a fan. But I gave it a chance and I quite like it. But I also started reading on episode when all there was, was classic and I didn’t really care for INK for a brief moment because it was new and different and now I can’t stand classic so…


I like them both, and I’m willing to read any stories. I find it kinda stupid that people won’t read a story just because it’s LL.


Well, ink is not gonna update no matter how much you ink lovers try so you’d better get over it :neutral_face:


I write in ink mainly because LL doesn’t really work that well on my computer and takes forever to load…


It’s “more”. :wink: I gotta be a grammar nazi.


If I’m being the grammar nazi, I’d say that that’s not a grammar issue, but a spelling one! Grammar is about how words work together to form a sentence, not about mistakes in specific words :wink: