Which style for my story


Hi, my name is Gabrielle and I’m currently writing a story in ink, but decided to start a new one as well. It’s about a guy and a girl from different time zones and different cities. Both are not happy with their life. What happens is that they switch bodies. I wonder which style you would prefer for this story? Ink or limelight? You can tell why too if you want.


I think with the new one you should try limelight… just my opinion… try new things and see where it leads!!! :thinking::thinking::grin::grin::grin:




Up to you…
But I prefer INK…


I can understand Limelight, because it gets new stuff and more things.


I know most people on episode prefer ink so it’s many stories in this style. Maybe I’ll try limelight.


I prefer Ink since I think its easier to script than LL plus many people also prefer INK
But its up to you if you want ink or LL


I prefer ink too actually but wanted to try LL


Ink! Also I think it has a more variety of clothing.


Why don’t both? You can make your girl from limelight and boy from ink or vice versa :thinking:


I don’t know :thinking: I tried doing it before but it didn’t work and I don’t want it to get messy. Do you know how to do it?


No , but I want to do it in my story too , I think there are plenty videos for it (I didn’t see them yet)


Someone created a thread on how to do it. I tried but it didn’t work for me.


Check on YouTube - there is a video by episode ellyte (or something like this)
Maybe it works , I am trying to but … My internet is gona tooooo slowww


I’ll check it out


Hey it shows me option like —>
Prefer a different style ? Choose here!!

And when I click it , it was really letting me decide into spotlight , ink and classic


It still doesn’t work for me -.-


Mine shows only loading , i am gonna check it again tomorrow ( now 11.24pm , means 10-11 hrs after)
If I find a way , I will tell you
And if not , I don’t know what to do :disappointed_relieved:


It’s okey. Thank you :kissing_heart: