Which style? HELP!

Hi everyone!

I’m going to be entering Episode’s new contest, but I’m stuck on deciding whether I should do it in ink or limelight! Please vote! I’m more used to ink and I prefer it to limelight but ink doesn’t have as many fantasy clothes as limelight does.

So what should I go for?

  • Ink
  • Limelight

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Anisha Xx

If you want future or traditional clothing, you should go with Limelight. But ink is indeed the best style and it’s easy to work with; you can go with ink too. Up to you!

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It depends on the type of story you are doing.

I suggest looking at what both styles offer to see which best suits your story.

My personal opinion is limelight.

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I chose LL but one thing to consider is that a lot of people are still having crashing/lagging issues whilst reading stories in LL. I know there were a lot of people who couldn’t read my Haunted entry and I do feel that this probably affected my retention. Just something to consider if you plan on really complex directing, since it is a contest.


I personally prefer Limelight, but I’m having a tough time for the fantasy contest b/c Limelight really does not have a lot of fantasy clothes. There’s only two floor length dresses. If you want to do something in typical medieval/fairytale fantasy style, Ink definitely has more to work with.


I’ve decided to give Limelight a try! Even though it may crash, I have an idea in mind and Limelight offers those kinds of animations!

Thanks everyone!

Anisha Xx

i am currently writing in limelight 4 the first time.

Ink defo seems more easy to work with assuming its because of the lack of skin complexion and cartoonic body, however i’d reccommend limelight if u like trying things new

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