Which style should my Story be?

I started a new story, and I don’t know what style I should write it in.

  • Ink
  • Limelight
  • Classic

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I use to hate Limelight but the more I used it the more I liked it. The girl characters look so beautiful. Ink is awesome as well. The only thing that sucks is in LL the guys are shorter than girls.

I wasn’t a fan of limelight, either but after a while, it’s grown on me and the girl, as well as boy, limelight characters look so beautiful.

Well, I don’t think this sucks-society usually shows the guy taller than the girl in a relationship so it’s interesting having the girl taller ; )
It doesn’t suck at all-it’s pretty cool and unique ^^
Also, spot directing is a good way to change their height.
In Classic-girl was shorter than guy, in ink, it was equal height, and in limelight, girl is taller than guy-I see a pattern :grin:
Love is love-it doesn’t matter if the guy is shorter or taller than the girl or the same height, as long as they form a beautiful connection, and are in love, then height should be the last thing on their mind.

Anyway, to this user, I think you should write a story in Limelight (really, write in the style that appeals to you the most) but Limelight is the newest style so it would be cool trying it out!

Good luck with everything!

I see what you mean. I do have a story if you were referring to me lol
It’s called Alternate Reality if you want to check it out. I’m really into the idea of multiple universes.