Which type of story should I write about (Poll) (Closed)

I’m writing a cliche romance story but I don’t know what should I make it revolve around please do my poll and comment your opinions it’ll help tremendously thanks in advance🖤

  • Boss love stories💜
  • Gang love stories💙
  • School love stories (Not Teachers):green_heart:
  • Other (Comment it below):heart:

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So I voted “other” but I don’t actually have any ideas lol. I just feel that there are already a lot of romance stories focusing around gangs, schools and office romances but if you have a unique idea with any of those, then go for it.

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Most people I see have voted for “other” probably because the options you gave were pretty cliche. That’s fine if you want to write a cliche love story, but make sure you want to write it. The more you want to write a story/are proud of a story idea, the better it will turn out.
Hope that helped :slight_smile:

I’m not too into love stories, but I might read, if one or both of them is a robot or an alien (the outer space kind).

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I really prefer fantasy/Mystery!

I voted for “Other” yet I have no suggestions lol. I just think the others all sound very cliche & I’m not into cliche stories. :slight_smile:

You could do a cliche-chosen one story.

Those happen to be my favorite <3

I voted for other because I see so many stories on Episode that have school love stories, gang love stories, and boss love stories… I feel like those three topics are pretty cliché… UNLESS you put your own spin to it and make it not cliche… Honestly, you should just write about what makes you happy, what you have the most interest in, and what inspires you… Also, I really don’t have any suggestions (sorry)… All I can say is just make your story stand out!! Even if you do a story that almost everyone is doing a story about, make it your own… I hope this helped you :grin:

I picked other because I think you should come up with something that isn’t already so over-saturated!

Maybe pick one of the tropes listed and switch it up? Like, instead of doing a typical “boss” love story, why not make it set in the Golden Age of Piracy, and your boss is a Privateer hunting a sexy pirate guy? That way you can have all the fixings (forbidden romance, love triangles, sexy boss, bad boy, what have you…) and still be somewhat original.

You can apply this to really any interesting period of time. Instead of gang leader, why not do a ninja clan of assassins? Or, instead of a school romance, maybe mix it up and make it a school for kids learning to become space cadets?