Which version is better...?

Female MC version

Visiting her cancer-diagnosed brother in hospital, senior college student, Hannah Willows, comes across Klaus. A boy who will die in 30 days.

Male MC version

After waking up from a car accident, Klaus Kimbers discovers that he has exactly 30 days to live. As he plans to escape the hospital for a day, he runs into senior college student, Hannah Willows.

  • Male version
  • Female versiom

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I love the male mc version



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No problem

I loved both! But we need more male MC stories so I voted for the second version :slight_smile:

yeah we do need more male mcs :joy:

Maybe, you can merge it into one idea?
You’ll have to show P.O.V. of the male MC & female MC.


I realise how much work this will create for you lol but…
Could you do both and let the reader choose who they want to play as at the beginning? Then they could replay for the other POV?


ooh thats actually a good idea!!!


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