Which would you like to see more?

Hi! I’m new-ish here and I really want to get some opinions on the way a plotline for one of my characters might go. I wont give too much away since it would be a major spoiler.

The first is a darker more dramatic storyline that features heavier (but not too detailed) themes. I’m hoping that this one it will be way more suspenseful. One might end up hating the character as time goes on.

The second one isn’t exactly lighthearted per say, but goes with a more heartbreaking scenario and less on the darker themes. One might feel more sympathy for the character in this one.

So with that out of the way I really want to know which would people like to see more? Or if I went with both should I write it as alternate stories or a choice at the very beginning that branch off to the one you would prefer?

The darker the better :wink:

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