Which would you prefer for me to have in my story?

Hey all! So…I’ve been thinking… I have my new plot for my new story ready and all, but I just have a quick question. So my story will contain like a few love interests for the mc. What I am planning is to have the interests to each have a short story to the mc.

So…leading to the question:
Would you prefer me to-
Just go with the flow, and do whatever love interest I want to write first and continue with the rest with what I want to start writing for so the reader would just read—> this would initially make the coding easier…
Me giving out choices for the reader to choose out which interest and the mc’s story they would like to read first (but they will read the other interests’ parts either way but the episode they are reading will be different from others because of who they chose to do first) but I guess with more branching coding involved?? —> more complicated to do and code, but more variety to reader.

Thank you all! This choice is very important to me because if I end up doing the second choice, I would need to do more work, but it’s okay. I was making pros and cons for this, but I don’t know which will be better. However, I still want an opinion since people will be reading it, not me, so yeah again thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think that you should write it in the order that you want but add choices in the stories.
I personally don’t like choices where you have to pick every single one of them because to me it doesn’t feel like a real choice but I’m sure that there are people that like them.
Maybe you could give them the choice if they want the stories in the original order or if they want to choose which one to read first. :thinking: :woman_shrugging:


hm i see thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

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I like choices i put that in some of my stories but i should ask the readers but mines not published yet. So I’m going to put choices if they don’t like ill decide on change it

I think adding choices makes it fun and i mean it doesn’t really matter but idk the story is about choosing how u want it to be

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