Which would you prefer? (Storyline Help)

Hey all! So again, it kinda has to do with the plot but more of the coding and storyline…

Quick question(so previously my plot was to have short stories of the mc and with each love interests and to figure out who would the mc would choose during the times they were together but keep in mind that you as the reader may not be able to choose who to be with in the end but again i may change the decision…but as for now):

Would you rather have in the story (and remember each LI will have different personalities and roles):

Have around 5 different love interests, but the time to be around them would be less so meaning less episodes including them but have more love interests meaning more variety of characters?


Have about 2-3 love interests only, which would include having more time with them, but having the # of episodes with them longer?

Basically the amount of episodes for both will still be the same, but the number of love interests and episodes that will be seen with that character will differ…so this is very important decision for me to make!! So, I want you as the readers to give me an opinion because I would either need to make more characters and plan that or vice versa. Thanks all! (i know i ask too many questions…lol) :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but i’m grateful to have people respond

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I honestly only prefer one love interest, so the less the better to me, lol.

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I feel this one is the best as you can work with relationships in more dept which rarely happens in many stories even with just one LI

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The less interest the better is my opinion

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UPDATE: Lol so it seems like everyone so far has agreed on having less interests…so there goes my answer to the question thanks everyone who responded :slight_smile:

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