Which Writer are you?

Types of episode writers!

I just wanted to take this time to talk about the different types of writers on episode.
So here is a list of what I gathered from being a reader and writer on the episode community!

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, this is merely for humor and being a relatable queen. If you associate with any of these types please don’t take offense. You know I’ll still read that sh*t even if I talk down upon it lol. Hold onto your panties and hold your tongue. Thank you!

  • Explicit Writer

Who cares about quality? Just include tons of sex scenes, censor bars, and descriptive/dirty details. You’ll get 100,000 reads from hormonal teenagers! Is there a plot line? Nope. Is there deep rooted issues? Nope! Is there character development? NOPE!
Is their tons of sex? YES MAM.
Am I twelve years old? Maybe.

  • Cliche Queen

I just read trouble maker and lemme tell you; in real life, If a bad boy comes in a one mile radius I will have a stroke. Too bad that hasn’t happened to me so I’ll settle with writing my own bad boy story! He’ll have a defined triangle face, stoic eyes, and black cropped hair! He’s a bad boy because of daddy issues and is probably riddled with stds. But that leather jacket tho! I’ll even romanticize emotional and physical abuse because nothing’s hotter than taking serious real life issues out of context!!!
The only extent to which I’ll use advanced directing is sex scenes my dude. Also drugs. And cheating. I’ll just convey everything wrong with humanity in my story. Also, what’s diversity again? Don’t mind me, just putting my bad boy romance story in mystery and comedy sections of episode even tho they’re not even remotely related to those genres!

  • historical/fiction writers

My directing is a gift from the gods. Also, all the backgrounds I used are probably all custom and choices really matter! Like really. Wrong choice and your life is filth.
ooo girl look at that zoom!
It took me nearly a decade to write this piece and I only have 2 reads! I spent hours trying to combine outfits and create historical/majestic outfits. I also use tons of overlays and have a genuinely interesting plot line.
My stories are super underrated. There’s tons of character development, alternate scenes, and deep rooted characters. I have a sketchbook filled entirely of my ideas!
I’m only ranked #8282828162728399392


Nothing’s hotter than a murdering gang leader with a five o clock shadow and tattoos. I mean, that’s how gang leaders are in real life; right?
No? Liar. I’ve read tons of gang stories on episode, I know what I’m talking about!
I’ll make him super promiscuous, abusive, and rude! He’ll threaten the MC’s life and after the 20th episode he’ll fall in love with her! Of course in the beginning they’ll hate each other because he’s a filthy gang leader and he only likes thots. But he’s hot! MC will be super stupid and innocent. He probably killed her family and he probably almost killed her multiple times… but love! He’ll get her pregnant. And you’ll deal with an annoying plot line that revolves around this stupid baby. Was there even a plot line in the beginning? Well she got kidnapped in episode 2!
That’s not a plot?
Well I have over a million reads so kiss it!


This story will probably have cliches but the directing is spot on, dialogue is perfect, and the details make you feel like you’re reading a book.
I will also use tons of art scenes that will make you pee. I’ll have tens of millions of view and I probably deserve it. I’m just perfect. Okay bye.

  • Don’t know why I’m here but it’s me b

Never even used the episode portal in my life. I just downloaded this app and thought I’d give it a shot. Wait… you can zoom? What’s spotting? How tf do I make my character walk. HAH. Did you see that zoom? I’m an advanced directing queen!
Um. What’s an overlay?
Okay episode forums, how tf do I do this?
There’s a directing google document with a master list of codes?
No, I want the answers from you Rachel. Yes. You Rachel, on the episode forums. Right now. Only from you.
Alright, I wrote 400 lines and it’s time to publish.
Wait? What? 400 lines is too short? It took me a whole day to write it? Welcome to what club? AN ENTIRE WEEK? 3000 LINES?
Nah, I’ll just keep reading the bad boy stories on the featured section of the app.

  • Stressed queen

It took me a whole month to do this freaking episode. Not only do I do all the coding by myself but I draw my own art scenes. I DID ALL OF THIS BY MYSELF.
No I won’t make you an art scene Beth! NO!
Okay, now to wait 3 weeks for my backgrounds to be approved.

I’m done with episode! Never using this portal again.
Alright, I’m back. 1800 lines to go.

  • Indecisive

I’ll just write a new story on the portal and come back later. Wow, this plot is coming along nicely! I can’t wait- you know what, I ought to take a break.
Okay, I’m back. This plot is trash, I’m making a new one! THIS PLOT IS JUST PERFECTION- oh shoot, lemme finish this Netflix series real quick.
Okay, new plot guys and this time it’ll be my freaking best-
Why do I have so many stories in my freaking portal menu? Oh dang, I should finish this one!
Now I’m bored, let’s make a new one-

that’s about it guys,
Let me know which one you think you associate with or add onto the list!
I’m a stressed queen tbh.


Seriously, if anyone associates with this: no offensive. It’s just a bit of Tom foolery.

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I’m that indecisive one and I’m not proud :woman_facepalming:t4:


I’m the indecisive one, sadly. It’s mostly insecurities that my story is not as good as [insert story here] or [insert story here] that prompts it though :sweat_smile:


I’m Like most of them except I do as I please with it. and I want to make it good, with mental stress bombs by mental me screaming


Mental me is crazy.

Little bit of the bad ones but no one will believe me to be honest, so. Or will you? Nah…

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Lol what

OMG IM TOTALLY the last one! I had to switch accounts because I like literally had 10 incomplete stories on there! I WISH I was as good as the historical/fiction writers I think I’m on my way tho. If only I’d actually publish and finish it. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat::sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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I’m thinking I am the Cliche and Indecisive writer honestly :joy::joy::joy:


Definitely indecisive and a little bit of stressed queen. :joy:

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I’m a combination of stressed queen and fiction writer. I’ll probably finish the first episode of my story in a decade lmao. I hate myself.


Lmao… ok I’m the indecisive one… wish I wasn’t tho. I might also be a cliche :woman_facepalming:t2:


I found myself…

And him…

And that girl…
And Mrs. What’s her name…

Did I already mention I found myself?

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Indecisive and historical/fiction writers

me af lmao

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I hate being a Indecisive.

I’m kinda historical/fiction writer because in the stories I’m working on choices REALLY matter and I took decades to write my episode because I want them to have perfect directing, but I’m not that good. And Indecisive I have 5 stories with one episode done. :no_mouth:

Historical/fiction writer + Stressed queen + Indecisive = @Funicidal

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I’m in between stressed queen and indecisive right now. Hehe. Hehe… I should get back to writing.

haha love this