Which writing contest do you wish you entered?


Which writing contest do you wish you entered?
Mine is Fantastical :frowning:
I didn’t have enough time and cut up thumb lol #hardtimes


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Same, I have a story in mind that would have fit perfectly in Fantastical, but I decided I need to finish my other stories first…


H&V. I was too focused on my current story at the time, that I decided not to think about that one but now I have all these ideas lol.

I wish I could enter Dirty Dancing… I had so many ideas forming until I realised I’m from the wrong country lol.


I wish H & V too. I was excited about the Dirty Dancing one (it’s one of my favourite) but I’m in the wrong country too :tired_face:


Star Power, because I had a good idea but I didn’t really have all the plot details worked out.
H&V too, but a story idea actually came to me much after the contest was over. :confused:


Hmm, I wish I joined Summer Fling. I know it’s really old, but I had the time plus (though I was crap for directing) I didn’t like romance, I believe entering would of helped gain some romance-writing skills.


Fantastical too :sob: I was so focused on all the details (names, outfits, personalities etc) that I didn’t have time to direct everything​:disappointed_relieved:


With Fantastical I struggled so much with magic overlays and spot directing. With H&V I was absolutely over ambitious. I was going to do CC for the first time, and lots of branching. Idk what I was smoking lmao


Same! Star Power seemed fun!


Spotlight, Star Power, Haunted, Cupid’s Arrow, All Hallows, and Adventures away!


Haunted was the first contest I considered entering! It sucks because I had some idea what I wanted to do, but it wasn’t fleshed out enough.


Me too! I was thinking of a vampire story!


I wish I could’ve entered Dream Job and summer fling. :heart:


I was thinking of an old school haunted house story :heart_eyes:


All of them ever since dream job. I just never thought my stories were good enough so I’d scrap everything & start over hundreds of times. I tried to enter every single one but could never go far into the story without hating it. I’ve almost overcome that entirely. I think the problem was trying to impress others instead of writing a story I wanted to see come to life so my mind was everywhere except the right place.