Which writing style would you guys prefer?

I’m currently starting a new story, and I am conflicted on which style I should write it in. Mainly because I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying they only read INK or they dislike Limelight and vice versa.

Also I am currently going to publish a story that uses spotlight, and in my opinion it has an amazing plot and dialogue. Would anybody read it when published?

I would pefer Ink but I would read the story either way if it was ink or not :slight_smile:

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I prefer ink but not just limited to reading in ink.

I prefer ink but i don’t mind reading in other styles.

I think you should write in whichever style you feel fits that story! Don’t worry about whether other people will like it or not. As long as you love what your doing, that’s enough. There’s also some people who publish two separate versions of the same story - one in INK and the other in Limelight, but that seems like a waste of time in my opinion.

Regarding your other story, although many people dislike Spotlight and some even refuse to read stories in that format, I think that if the story is well-written, has a good plot and interesting characters, it doesn’t matter. It’d be stupid to reject an amazing story without giving it a shot just because you don’t like the format. As for a solution, you could try switching between both Cinematic and Spotlight throughout the story, which is what I’m doing in the one I’m currently writing.