While Episode is down lets talk about stuff

Okay episode is hacked??? I guess so I’m bored and I really don’t have a life :upside_down_face: anyway how’s your day, what’s going on… I’m bored and don’t know what to do. Let’s play a game, uhh something :roll_eyes: :joy:

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Yeah, what a bummer. I wanted to add something new to my story AND I OOP
Is the app hacked too? Or only the webpage? -too lazy to check

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No need to worry, here’s the answer to what’s happening:


Hey! My day was going fine, I was just working on an emotional scene in my story and I got carried away to the point where I got upset and I’m like chill sis? :joy:
Anw what’s up

Wow but nothing I went to school today and it was boring as ever, we had to work in groups to in this class and I don’t even like nobody in that class :roll_eyes:

I just HATE when that happens :mask: I end up doing all the work as well lmao

Yep that’s what I had to do!! My group was so lazy but me being the nice and chill person I just said I’ll do the work :woman_shrugging:t4: but the teacher saw me doing everything and gave me all the credit :relaxed:


I finished my exam for school and I thought I’d finish my story’s episode this happened :sweat:

Way to go girl :joy::100:

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My bent hack to we do support it be fix

Hey, I might have a clue. It’ s down because of the changing guidelines… I mean, those nasty, overly sexualized covers won’t change themselves.

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Closed as this issue seems to have been resolved.