While I’ll never become a writer: the guidelines

I have killing and some disturbing scenes in my story. A lot of it. I asked the support team to review it to make sure I’m not taking it too far… I’m on thin ice. :joy: :joy: :joy: As many have said, it depends how you depict scenes of violence in your story.


Okay that sex guideline is needed.
I don’t need those horny people coming and adding those scenes to stories and I could see that people would make stories 4/5 of story just sex.


:clap: Exactly :clap:

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Made my entire day :upside_down_face:

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What my friend does is close up of the weapon attacking, and a close up of the face where the character has their eyes closed. Blackout. It’s very effective

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Girl what?

  1. You can have guns in stories, just not on story covers. 2. You can show people being killed just not a detailed image/description of someone being killed or doing the killing (and why would you want to, that’s weird anyway? I don’t think anyone wants to read detailed descriptions of a dead body…)

This is a 13+ app. 13+. Do you really want 13 year olds reading adult smut? It’s not that hard to write a good romance whilst avoiding showing that part, because it’s really not needed. You don’t need to have s*x to have a good relationship with someone. And calling someone a “conservative” because they don’t want to see gyrating pixels on a screen? C’mon.

There are so many other apps that can be used to do that though. If you really wanted to make a story about that, go on a writing app that you’ll be able to do that within their guidelines. And even then, people have attempted to write stories like this and failed due to lack of research (basically it’s obvious that they hadn’t experienced it/ hadn’t researched it enough to understand what their talking about).

Episode is literally a fairy tale world. Their rules are what we go by to make sure the content we put out is suitable for all audiences who use the app, including young teens. And they do have minor words that can be uncensored.

Don’t think they’re going to change into a mature app anytime soon… so you’re waiting for nothing. If their rules don’t allow you to write what you want, change your story so it does, or find another app that you can write on. They shouldn’t have to change their guidelines so you can write a story. Also, your username is very contradictory. Bye!


Ok and there are multiple options the person can choose from it’s her fault that shes limiting herself to episode like they gone change the guidelines for her pls :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

And writing descriptions of sex and everything that happens or leads up to the point that’s smut.

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Ok then suggest some.
But please don’t say that that any descriptions of sex are smut. Many romance novels have it, would you say they’re all smut?

yep the point is anyway the graduation of tension or sadness or shock (what ever emotions you are trying to rais in reader) and that can be acheaved in many ways not just with long scene with dead bodies or long sex scene.

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I did :yawning_face: you would know if you read before saying that :woman_shrugging:t4:

And yes I would.
Smut is “Erotic writing that contains explicit, sexual content.”


Have you every read “The Notebook” (not the movie, the novel.) A fantastic read. One the the great novels out there. Are you going to tell me that it’s “smut” because it contains sex in it? Sorry I won’t have you attack that great piece of literature because you think sex is just smut.

See now you twisting my words :woozy_face:
I said writing descriptive sex and writing sex scenes out is smut
If a story contains sex it’s not smut unless it has written out sex scenes and descriptions.

And I never read that story and I don’t plan on reading it. and i didn’t attack the story, nobody mentioned it until you.


I said would you say any descriptions of sex are smut?

So sex described in any form (my own quotes) to you is smut.
I didn’t twist words, you responded. :woman_facepalming:

Urban Dictionary: Smut

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Girllllll i was responding to the part where you said this.

Regardless if there romance novels if they contain sex descriptions in depth there smut.

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Regardless if there romance novels if they contain sex descriptions in depth there smut.

Oh dear
@line123462 that doesn’t say any description of sex is smut :grin:

yes it does. did you only read the first two lines?

Uh nope

My gosh that’s an urban dictionary. It’s not Webster. You know what an urban dictionary is, right? :joy:

its internet, language, same way as L.O.L O.M.G. and S.T.F.U

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