Whispering Woods RP

                            The Whispering Woods RP

Alana Hallingsworth lives in a small town just a stone’s throw away from a dense forest, called the Whispering Woods. Every afternoon, especially in the fall, when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp, Alana likes to walk through the woods on their way home, Even though she’s not supposed too. One day Alana doesn’t come back from the Whispering Woods.

Alana’s parents wait days, weeks, months for their daughter come home she never does. A couple months after Alana’s disappearance several teens go into the woods for a party, and end up coming out of the woods with a dead body, Alana’s dead body. It’s up to four special detectives to solve this case. Can they solve it in time?

First Come First Serve


  1. @Ella
  2. @ThatRandomPerson
  3. @UltimaW
  4. @BrookieK
  5. @C_ssie

Things In The Woods

  1. @ThatRandomPerson
  2. @UltimaW
  3. @HermanEpisode


TOWN WEBSITE (This link will be helpful in finding clues when the RP starts)


This is where I find my FC's usually


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@CrazyCaliope @Madilnel @Ella @dqrkskin @UltimaW @HermanEpisode @Kate_Potter @themaystorms @ChayChay

Any rp's I can join?

Reserve a female detective!


Reserve for a female detective and if we can have two characters, reserved for a male thing in the woods


Of course you can have two characters, but they cannot be the same aliance, if that makes sense so like no having two detectives, Thanks for reserving.


@Art3Miss I singed up a thing and a detective


Of course, also if you only want to be a thing and not a detective please tell me as I made a mistake and made it so you had to submit as both. If that is the case please tell me, and I won’t put you down as a detective.


I submitted my forms! And my FC’s if you read my form…



I looked them over and added them to the slide! Some of the words I changed a bit to make it fit more if it’s not how you want it tell me and I can fix it.


May I reserve for a thing in the woods?


Of course.

                                If anyone who's already joined/reserved 
                                         knows someone who
                     would be interested in this please tag them or inform them to see 
                         if they'd want to join!



@Roleplay.lk @C_ssie @BrookieK @livvy613 @Owertym @Surface_Hyena57


Cool… I’ll… do so. Okay, yeah. Sure.

Okay I’ll actually join.


Did you know there are two 2’s on the list for the things?


I did not know my bad I’ll fix it shortly


why was i tagged?




i signed up a detective


I submitted my character


Okay I’ll check it out soon, and do all that junk, im just busy right now technical problems.