White Fox Art shop- FAST, AND FREE-Character Cards, Story Cards, Splashes,outfits, pfp, limb overlays!-OPEN!-

hello, welcome to our art shop!
I do character detail cards, splashes, pfp, limb overlays, text overlays, custom poses, and outfits!!

What @_Mia2 does

hello lovelies I make Character Detail Cards, splashes, pfp, limb overlays, text overlays, and outfits!! check out my examples

what @epy.vector does

hello I make amazing custom poses check out my examples!!

what @Mini.Mouse does

pfp, art scenes/covers, and mood boards

what @anjabelsak123 does


@_Mia2's examples
Character Detail Cards


limb overlays

Text Overlays

pfp, and outfits

sorry but I haven’t started on any, but yes I know how to do them

@epy.vector's Examples
custom poses

@Mini.Mouse's examples

Mood Boards

Front Cover

  1. please be patient! I have a life out of episode such as school and home activities
  2. please be respectful!
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO THREAD HOPPING- art creators take so much time to complete something at your request so please be considerate
  4. always use the password in your request and please blur it out



please read through all the rules before requesting

request templates
Character detail cards
  1. all your character details written out INCLUDING your body type
  2. what theme you would like it to be- (colours, styles)
  3. if you have any extras you would like to add please let me know
  4. add in what clothes you would like to wear and what pose you would like- this includes tattoos, and/or piercings
  5. if you would like to submit your own background for use please feel free to do so!
    6.and the password
  1. what theme you would like- colours/style
  2. what you would like your splash to say
  3. if you would like to submit your own background for use please feel free to do so!
  4. how many characters you would like in it (max 2) and their character details/poses
    5.and the password
  1. what theme/ style you would like-colours/images
    2.if you would like to submit your own background for use please feel free to do so!
  2. your name and character details/outfit
    4.and the password
limb overlays
  1. what skin tone your character is
  2. how many you want
  3. the pose your character is in
  4. the body shape of your character
  5. and the password
  1. please describe what style you want as best as possible and what scenarios they will be used in
    2.and the password
Custom Poses
  1. your character details and how many characters you would like in the shot
  2. what pose you would like
  3. and the password
Text Overlays
  1. what style or themed font you would like e.g. cursive, bold, fancy
  2. what colour it will be
  3. what you would like it to say
  4. any emojis or shapes added into it??
  5. and the password
Mood boards
  1. what you would like
  2. the theme of what you want
  3. and the password
Story boards
  1. a short summary of what your story is about
  2. how many characters you would like in it
  3. character details
  4. what genre is your story
  5. the title
  6. what you want things to say
  7. and the password

The password is very important please include it in your request or we will deny it and absolutely no thread hopping!!
thank you :heart:

Incase you haven’t read the rules and found the password to use (which you should’ve done before requesting) the password is SNOW
again thank you :heart:


hello ! can i request from u limb overlays? : )
i want 2 limbs (right hand and left hand) of a male with skin color 04 and the body type is athletic. the pose my character will be is rear so it would be a lot easier from me if it was a limb of the full arm and i think that’s all <3 thank you!


i forgot to say exactly what i wanted oh my god x__x
so the male is supposed to have his back to the camera (doing the rear animation) and i wish he had both arms outstretched and palms stretched on the wall because he pinned the female on the wall… oml i think it is asking for to much right …? and i forgot to say that he has a tattoo on his left arm (Dagger And Roses Arm Tattoo Solid) the character is in LL style tho!!


sure thing ill get right on it!!

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Hey, I’d love to apply if you’re still hiring


hey, @Lany here’s the left and right arm overlays hope you like them!

arm overlays


sure please pm me your examples if you have any!

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hey! sorry for the late reply but as i said the characters will be doing the animation rear so those couldn’t feet very well. it needs to be an animation rear or else it’ll be weird

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sure thing ill fix it

sorry to bother you but what way would he be facing?? left or right

you are not bothering at all. sorry if i sounded rude it was not my intention at all. he is facing right in the code so when it’s in rear he is facing left

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thank you


if you need any changes please let me know
(the first one is shorter because it doesn’t show the full-arm when he’s facing rear)

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thank you! it’s perfect this way!! <3

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all good! i’m glad i could help :heart:

this is a flop so I don’t know if I should keep this going on forums or make this an art shop on Instagram?

  • make this a shop on Instagram?
  • keep this on forums

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i have decided to continue this on instagram go follow it please @white_fox_art_shop
please go follow and dm me if you would like to join (everyone who is already a member and has instagram, please dm me on there if you would still like to be a member of the instagram version of this shop) ONCE THE ART ACC GETS 100 FOLLOWERS WE WILL BE DOING A GIVEAWAY!

thank you!

Hi I would like to make a request for some text overlays for my story. I need the text overlays to Say Loving Axel West for my story title and I want it the color red in cursive font, Thank You! The password is SNOW I’m sorry but I don’t know how to blur the word snow

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I’m in desperate need of an arm overlay
Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 2.24.17 AM
I’ll need his lower arm on her back, like he’s holding her, but it’s important that it fits to the ‘idle_arms_crossed’ behaviors
His Skin tone is Rose 05 and he’s got the full body tribal skull lace tattoo (or whatever it’s called) :joy:
I would really appreciate the help!

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please put the password and ill get right on it

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