White people can be the recipients of racism as well

LOL you aren’t wrong

Exactly…white people will never had to deal with being scared that there fathers aren’t coming home because there killed by a white police officer.

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What specifically do you not understand? I’ll try to explain it as best I can



Yeah they do.
It’s just less common

Name the people that it happen too! List the cases…I’ll wait

I understand but I disagree with the sentiment that just because one group experiences something more means they’re the only ones who can experience it

The difference is that they aren’t killed BECAUSE they’re white, they’re killed and they are white. There is a huge difference between a white individual being killed, and hundreds of black people being killed as a result of widespread systemic racism.


If you gone say this say the names because I can name multiple of black people that we’re killed because they WERE black not because they committed a crime.

No one said black people are the only race that experiences racism.
It’s just that white people dont :slightly_smiling_face:

Racial prejudice is what you’re referring to, not racism. Anyone can have racial prejudice. I’ve seen black people have prejudice against Asians and vise versa. However, in the United States, neither of these groups can be racist over one another because neither have power over one another.

If you want to understand more from where we’re coming from, you first have to acknowledge the entitlement white people have over other minorities. And how the prejudice white people can face for being white will never systematically oppress them or affect their lives in the same way as minorities.


That’s a flawed sentiment.

It doesn’t change the fact that black lives have to go through this fear everyday. Yes that happened to the white man (RIP) but you don’t have to go outside and be scared to even go for a run because someone might call the cops because they see you as a threat.

Black people are killed for their race more than white people

Y’all are just taking the definition of racism and calling it racial prejudice then redefining racism

U denied that it happens at all. Do you now see that it does?

Ok, so here’ the problem with that. First of all, black people aren’t the only people who experience racism, other groups (asians, for example) also experience racism. However, white people do not experience racism, because in order to experience racism, the system and power balances in society must be against you. White people made the rules and white people are the oppressors. That doesn’t mean that no white people get killed or experience prejudice, plenty of white people do, especially if they’re poor, queer, or latinx. But white people do not experience prejudice based on the color of their skin. Society benefits white people, and disadvantages BIPOC folks. That’s what racism is about. You wouldn’t say that a straight person experiences homophobia, because that term simply doesn’t refer to straight people.


What happened to this man was horrible but it doesn’t prove that it was because he was white.
He may have just been killed by a black man and the racist system labeled it as racism against white people :woman_shrugging:t4:


Racism isn’t about systems
It’s an ideology and active hate for a race

The guy who beat him told him it was because he was white