White people can be the recipients of racism as well

This is where you are very wrong
You need to go educate yourself
The whole system is racist


I would say that you’re wrong there. I think you’re conflating racial bias with racism. They are different things. Racism is fundementally about systems and societies.


The definition has been redefined for the longest time because there’s people like you who equate the ‘racism’ majorities can face as the ones that systematically oppresses others. It trivializes serious forms of racism and make it out to be an individual problem instead of a structural one.


I never denined that it happens

This is what I said. Yes that can happen but you don’t have to walk in fear because of your skin tone.

Ok. Whole system may be racist
But racism doesn’t equal the system
The issues in the system are a result of racism
That doesn’t mean racism= the system

This seemed like you were saying I needed to list these cases cause it’s SO unbelievable this could happen to a white person

White people have privilege, which other races and ethnicities do not. They can’t experience racism.

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Why do white people always want to be the victim so bad.
There isn’t an award for being a victim.


That’s dumb

No one wants to be a victim
Doesn’t mean y’all should invalidate people who end up being victims

Well white people basically created that trope though.
The fact that there is always a blonde mean girl.


@epi_nessa maybe this article will help.

But thats the same copy and paste response I’ve been seeing.

It is unbelievable considering that white cops are killing black innocent people. I never said it was impossible or didn’t happen I just said name the cases and I waited for you to name YOU inferred and read into something and made a deeper meaning out of it.

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I’ve heard all the arguments in those kinds of articles. It’s a racist article and maybe one day y’all will see that

White people are so oppressed :pensive::pleading_face:

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Maybe then you should be smart enough to believe it and humble enough to know when you are wrong.
You need to learn to take correction especially from something you know nothing about.

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I feel like this is a naive perception of the world. How old are you?

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Wow okay this is like the most un-civil conversation ever
I’m not going to name names because that would just be rude


You can’t be oppressed by a system you created.