White people can be the recipients of racism as well

How is it a naive perception of the world? Because I said white cops are killing innocent black lives ?

Does it indicate anything to you that all these people are trying to educate you, and yet you think that you’re the only person here who is apparently correct about racism? Assuming you’re white, it just seems odd to me that you, a white person, consider yourself to be more informed than scholars, journalists, scientists, and above all, BIPOC people.


I don’t have to blindly believe things and I am free to analyze things
I’m not just going to believe or think something just cause I read it in an article.
Plus, this is all opinion based

I don’t get it in your post you said in order to push racist away we have to acknowledge what it is when you don’t even know what it is.


you’re oversimplifying things and I’m guessing you’re just re-stating things you’ve heard on insta posts or articles

I didn’t say I was right
But I still have an opinion on what it is
Other people have their own opinions

You need to believe it when a BLACK person is telling you that white people cannot be recipients of racism!
It hurts when stuff like that are said because you will NEVER know the feeling of what it is like to be scared for your life just because of the color of your skin!!!


Ok then, does it mean anything to you that your opinion is different than the opinions of experts and actual people of color?


I don’t restate what I see on Insta posts. Have you not watched the news where black lives are getting taken because of white cops? If not I can name a lot of black people that gotten there lives taken by white cops,

that’s the problem with your argument. You shut out all other points - cover your ears and scream “Im right! These are facts!”

See because I knew by the title-


If you actually want to seriously help stop racism, please listen to the people most negatively affected it. That’s all I really have to say 🤷
Like, we literally had whole hour conversations about this topic the other day. And at this point, we’ll just be repeating the same thing over and over again. Just try to be open minded and listen at least. If not, then that’s all I have to say on the matter.


I never denied black people were being killed by cops
I’m saying that doesn’t mean they are the only ones who experience racism
Nice strawman argument, though

see because I knew you’re using tik tok commenter phrases

And I never said they are the only ones who experience racism. Did you make this thread to educate and help or to argue because right now your fixing to create a lot of arguments .

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i also have to disagree although white people may see it as an insalute they words they says to outher rases become harsh and its not like all lives dont matter its just some times some lives are at stake and may be more inportant then outhers and although i dont agree with people attaking all white people for rasism beacuse some people are actully really nice to outher people i just think that people should remember where we come from(if you do not know people were said to be sttled orginally in africa so the first pepole where orginally black )

(sorry if thats sounds mean or dosnt make sense)


Obviously black people aren’t the only one that experience racism but you said white people can experience racism when that is simply not true.


I’m saying white people experience racism

Not saying we shouldn’t create systems that aren’t racist towards black ppl

Bruh you just made a whole thread about how they can to start an argument because we cleared everything up on the old thread. And you making another knowing it’s going to start arguments and I’m not confused I accidentally posted trying to correct my spelling .

Lmao you’re acting like white people is a minority. I can understand that some people hate white people and that’s not good but racial discrimination and harassment? No. I’m not saying that white people can’t get harassed but its never about their race.