Whitewater Academy SIGN UP!


Hey, Whitewater Academy is an interesting story (you will find it below). Make sure to abide by all the rules. Any questions leave in THESE comments below. This is just the sign up sheet, there will be another thread for the actual rp. You do not get to pick your role (roles stated below), an online generator will pick so it is completely fair. To find out your role again there will be another thread made labelled ROLE PLAY - WHITEWATER ACADEMY CLOSED ROLE RESULTS. This is also where you can describe character appearance (or can insert character image theme decided by poll below) Please don’t get mad if you don’t get the role you wanted. It’s all part of the game :heart:

Story Line: Whitewater academy is a school run by the Itrof family. A royal family that rules the land of Eremit (translation Fearless in Eremitian, a long lost language only spoken by the rich and the posh - If you want to speak it because you receive that role I will pm you how). Whitewater academy is located in a grand mansion made of gilded gold, diamonds, pearls, and marble, surrounded by a roaring rapid river (hense the name Whitewater). Every 10 years 14 commoners, 12 royals, and the Itrof princesses/princes attend this school. You must complete the 10 years or else you are banished. At the end of the 10 years (or earlier depending) the heir to the throne must choose someone to marry. The other 25 can either marry one of the other Itrofs’, return to their kingdom to rule (based on your role), or take on a role in the Eremit palace as a worker (high class), tutor, lady in waiting, or apprentice.


  1. No Out of role play talk
  2. Can get sexual but not to serious (Keep it PG13 anything sexual mut be blurred, sexual content is kept to kissing, some light petting, and some mild innuendo,)
  3. Stick to your role
  4. Don’t ruin it for others
  5. If you want to add something into the game run it pass me first
  6. Don’t speak in a scene where you are not present (it’s just confusing) make sure if you want to speak to be present at that given time
  7. If I think some thing is getting out of hand I will intervene, you will know I am out of character when I am using This Font please don’t use this pretending to be me. Only use it when voting on rules or if I ask you a question. If I am sorting something out please don’t continue with the scene.
  8. If your character is killed off you can not communicate with us but can continue to watch the chat if you wish!
  9. Don’t make this into an episode without my permission, I started this at the end of the day it’s my decision, if I find it okay you must use different names for characters so others aren’t offended, you must also credit all of us in at least your first episode.
  10. If you break these rules you will be kicked off, If i find necessary and it’s a unanimous vote we can add new rules,[poll type=regular public=true]

Choose what character style you can post your character in:

  • Ink
  • Limelight

Thank You! When all spots are full I will post closed!


Hi! I’d like to sign up!


Sure thing! I’ll put your name down!



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