Who are the people on the main page, anyways?


Obviously, I know there’s Demi, Cameron, Becca, Regina, and that one girl from PLL whose name I forgot, but who are the others?? Literally no one seems to know. :joy:

The girl with the afro, The girl with the lavender braids. The guy in the flannel. The girl with the ombre bob. and the redhead in yellow.

Who are they? :thinking:


The girl from PLL is Aria. I don’t think that the others have names, they’re just random characters.


“The world may never know”


Do Administrators even know? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Girl with afro, girl with phone, and the 3 on the far right are just random characters that don’t exist. They’re just for show.


I think the girl in the red hair is from Clueless? o-o


Hm, maybe… she does kinda give me that sort of vibe with her clothes.


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