Who are your favorite authors on Episode and why?


Hey, fellow Episodians !

I’m just curious. Who are your fave authors on Episode and why?
My faves are Joseph Evans, Anneliese Allen and Echo Dunkelstrom because of how well they mix romance, drama, fantasy and mystery, and how good their stories are, and how they always keep me tapping the screen to find out what happens next in the story.


Hope Moon and Miss MJ


Miss MJ, huh? Sounds familiar.


Miss MJ, Kayla S, and Wincy W are my faves.

Also I really enjoy Joseph Evans’ stories as well! Glitch Girl is one of my favorites of all time. I feel like some of the romance is rushed sometimes but otherwise, he’s a fantastic author!


Yes, I agree. Joe Evans is very creative w/ his stories.


Chain Reaction, Intoxicating Kisses, and It’s Just an Illusion are by Miss Mj


Ahh, so that’s why Miss MJ sounded familiar. Chain Reaction was very good.


Ahh, If you loved CR, Miss Mj herslef, thinks It’s just An Illusion was better! :wink:


For “popular” ones, I really like Kayla S.'s stories. They are really funny, entertaining, and she does great things with overlays to enhance the story. I also really like EarlGrey. I find her stories super creative and well directed.


Earl Grey?


She wrote the featured stories Back and Forth and I Married a Prince. She also has some other stories like Death Game: A New Era. I think that is the name of it. I always get it wrong.


Ahhh. I read Back and Forth, I think. Boy and girl exchanging souls every Wednesday?


Yes, that is it.


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