Who background is this?

Do somebody know who backgrounds these is?

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hm, @shellyg and @alexa.episode any idea who background this belongs to? I know there aren’t yours. Im not sure about that though. hmm

where did u get these backgrounds from? @MaxineEpi

I just typed in google ‘episode background ‘ and these popped out … i liked them but i wanted to know who made it so i can credit them.

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hm, ok check on EpisodeLife.com and see if these backgrounds are there, and if they are there, look underneath that background, their should information on whos background it belongs to.


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if u decide to use another background similar to those ones that you posted to get from the website, make sure to credit the author. :wink: and if they have the author name that leads to their Instagram page, you can follow them just in case, and if they have rules on their backgrounds, give it a read. :wink:

i found the person who did the second background. The background is on EpisodeLife.com

Second Background

Creator: Margo Vincent
Instagram: @mvincent.episode

I know I would never use someones background/overlay without crediting them!,


Thank you!!

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np. Oh man, the first one…is so hard to find the owner. hm…

Thats fine i could keep looking or … use another background

you can use another background if you want to until I can find the owner lol

Lol okayyy …can you help me with a script problem??


Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong??, i put the “spot” and it still gives me a warning

hm that weird. Its looks correct to me.